Q & A

You've got questions, I've got answers.

What is your photography style?

My photographic style is rooted in photojournalism and influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. I love using creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, compositions and artistic post-production refining to bring your story to life. I pride myself on not just being a photographer, but rather an artist creating unique and expressive imagery. Because I believe so intently on telling your story, I will work with you in advance to create a concept for your session that speaks to you. We can leverage props, styling, and location to bring life to your photographs. Never hesitate to reach out to me with creative ideas, and out-of-the-box brainstorms.

Can I post my images to my social media, blog or website?

Yes! I absolutely love when clients share the images we create together! I encourage you to share them far and wide!

But, please remember the following things when posting: 

  1. Give credit for the photographs to Flynn Design Co. by mentioning my business name or  tagging me (@flynndesignco).

  2. Do not re-edit the photographs by cropping them, filtering them, or retouching them. If you need additional edits made to a photograph, please reach out to me, so I can help you get exactly what you need.

  3. Always use the high resolution version of the photograph. Please do not screenshot, take a photo of your computer screen, or reduce the image quality before posting.

Do you deliver every photo you shoot?

No, I do not. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, misfocused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. I don’t expect you to have the expertise or the time to zoom into each image to select the one with the sharpest focus, so I spend hours doing that on my end. In another example, candid laughs and emotional tears are some of the best images from a session. Unfortunately, they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. I might snap a few extras of any of these moments to make sure I have a great shot with the ideal expression for the moment. With my expertise of processing millions of images each year, I may eliminate ones that I feel are duplicates and only deliver the best images to you.

Do you touch up all the images in our image download?

Yes. Every image delivered is meticulously post produced. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, and other corrections. I also do my best to correct major blemishes and imperfections. I do not adjust body size, skin color, or other personal features. If you have specific requests for retouching, please let me know. It can be a very vulnerable thing to be in front of a camera. I do my very best to make you feel your absolute best. If there are things you are insecure about, send me a quick text, or pull me off to the side before your session. I will happily take those things into consideration while shooting and editing your gallery.

When can we expect to see the photos from our session?

Post-production for all sessions are completed 4-6 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed prior to 4-6 weeks after the date of the shoot, a rush process fee will be charged. I know that can sound like a long time, but I promise I work very hard to deliver images to you just as quickly as I can. I am always working in a queue, with several galleries in progress at any given time. Your patience is so appreciated. Please keep these timelines in mind when booking your session. If you are meeting a deadline, it is best to schedule your session at least two months in advance to leave yourself plenty of time.

What rights do I have to the digital prints?

You have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of Flynn Design Co. 

Do you provide the RAW files from my session?

Each of my packages comes with a full resolution image download. However, I do not provide RAW (unprocessed) files from shoots, because I believe in delivering a finished product. In fact, I often shoot with the end (post-produced) product in mind.